Two Days: Grand Canyon


  1. Land in Phoenix, drive to Flagstaff (2.5 hours) (drive the whole way in awe of the scenery… jaw dropped and wowing all to yourself in the car)
  2. Head from Flagstaff to Tusayan (1.25 hours) (*be sure to check directions in advance since cell/gps is unreliable)
  3. Check into hotel (I stayed at Holiday Inn Express), before excitedly running towards your car and for the canyon
  4. Drive to the Information Center on the Southern Rim, park and walk up to Mather Point.
  5. Watch the sunset from Mather Point (surrounded by the other visitors who are also oooh-ing and ahhh-ing at the colors) (*pro tip? Just enjoy it – the pictures don’t even do the scenery any justice)
  6. Eat dinner, go to bed early so you can get up early and go check things out before it gets busy!



Day Two:


  1. Watch sunrise walking from Mather Point to Yavapai Point
  2. Walk the Rim Trail through the Trail of Time to see the geological displays
  3. Stop at the Hopi House and check out the displays, jewelry, pottery, and art
  4. Walk about 45 minutes down the Bright Angel Trail before heading back up to the Rim Trail and checking out Lookout Studio
  5. Hop on the shuttle back to the Visitor’s Center.
  6. Grab lunch, before hopping in to the car and driving East towards Cameron
  7. Make stops (Tusayan Museum and Ruins and the Grandview were two of my favorites) along the east route towards the Desert View Entrance Station (towards Rt 64)
  8. Stop at Little Colorado Gorge along Rt 64
  9. Drive to Cameron and stop for Navajo frybread at the Cameron Trading Post
  10. Head towards Sedona, AZ via Rt 89



“the” dress

I found this dress on a clearance rack – and I knew I needed it the moment I lifted it and saw the perfectly circled skirt, ribboned waist, and puffed sleeves. It has turned into “the” dress I grab whenever I need to be a little ladylike and feel beautiful. I’ve worn in multiple ways, but my favorite is like this. Ribbon at the waist, pop of color flats, and hair down.