Perkins Memorial

A few years ago, I saw this dress…. Unfortunately, my size was nowhere to be found. A few weeks later, I saw the dress again on the sale rack. Despite the dress being several sizes too large, I gleefully took it home. I cinch the volume of the dress down to my size with a wide belt, and it gives a little extra swing in the dress. It’s a long time favorite, especially during the hot months when I want to be comfortable, cool, and put together.


I’m standing at the top of this beautiful mountain –  Perkins Memorial. Perkins Memorial is a beautiful drive or hike in the middle of Bear Mountain and it has some fantastic views of Hudson Valley. I visited on a cloudy day, but it was still absolutely breathtaking to see the entire valley in bloom and green. The tower is open seasonally, and the view is even more stunning from the top.






Thank you so much for visiting! Tell me in the comments if you’ve visited this part of Hudson Valley before, and what your favorites are!

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