About Heidi


Welcome to Heidi Happily! I am so excited that you are here!

Who are you? 
I’m Heidi – and this is my little corner of the universe where I can share all of the things I love. I am a middle of the night busy bee, (very) amateur photographer, lover of all yummy food, devoted dress collector, art dabbler, and itchy pants traveler.

Why did you start this blog??
Believe it or not, I’ve been blogging since 2001! I originally started as away to keep in touch with friends when I moved, and then it evolved into a space for me to share all of the thoughts that ran through my head. I eventually migrated to another platform where I wrote stories about my cooking and running adventures. After writing there for nearly 6 years, I decided to start a new space. As you might imagine, I’m a different person than I was in 2001 and different from the person in 2009… so I wanted a new space to reflect me.

What is your blog about? 
My blog is about everything that I love – which is a lot. I want to be able to share the things that I love, and the things that I have learned over the years. I want to be able to focus on the beautiful things that are in my life, and share that with you. I originally wanted to post mostly about style and travel, with a sprinkle of art… but it turns out I’m not so good at just writing about a handful of things. So, I write about a lot of different things that interest me – and that can range from style, travel, art, and go all the way to the news and legal issues I am mulling over. If there is something that you are really interested in reading – drop me a line!

What if I want to tell you something? 
Please do!! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that you are here, and I would love to hear from you. Please feel free to email me at heidihappily@gmail.com, drop a line in the comments on the blog or facebook, or message me on instagram!

What about constructive criticism?!
I love constructive criticism, and I am humbled by all of the wonderful knowledge that people are willing to share with me. That being said, remember, I am a person too! I have feelings, and I’m aware of many of the inadequacies that I have – so be kind to me and others!

I am an artist…. Can you do a spotlight on me?
I have a complicated answer to this question, so bear with me while I explain. My blog is focused on the beautiful things I see, experience, and enjoy. I like bringing attention to things that speak to my heart. Since every single person experiences life differently, I like seeing those perspectives in art and sharing my thoughts. So, if you are an artist and you are interested in sharing your work with me – I would love to see it. I cannot guarantee that I’ll feature your work, but the first step in getting a spotlight on my blog is to email me a link to your work, or photos of your work. I read every single email I get, and I love getting emails, so please don’t be shy! Email me at heidihappily@gmail.com and tell me about you!