Artist Spotlight Series

Hello!! Welcome! This is the landing page for the Heidi Happily Artist Spotlight Series.

I created the Artist Spotlight Series on Heidi Happily to share the artists and artwork that resonate with me.  Each spotlight will focus on something that speaks to me in some way – whether it be the artist, the approach, or a specific piece in a collection. I may occasionally include a museum visit and describe my favorite pieces to see in a museum.

Art has played an important part of my life. My mother is an artist and I grew up surrounded by brilliant colors, paint brushes, and in the quiet halls of beautiful museums. When I grew older, painting was my way of expressing myself when words didn’t suffice… and later I twisted bits of silver into the jewelry I wanted to wear. Today, I continue to surround myself with art. I cook in a kitchen filled with beautiful pottery, sleep under colorful paintings to light my dreams, and thoroughly adore beautiful clothing (of course).

My mother taught me from a young age that art is everywhere, and you just have to remember to look and appreciate it. I hope that the beautiful art that I share inspires you the same way my mother’s approach to art and life has inspired me.

If you are an artist and interested in sharing your work with me, please please feel free to email me at with your information and a link to your work. I absolutely love seeing new work. I can’t guarantee that I will feature your work, but I would love to talk to the artists out there and see your work! 


Artist Spotlight Series: