Highlight: North Carolina Museum of Art

I visited the North Carolina Museum of Art back in August (and I’m so very belatedly sharing my trip). The stop was unplanned, and I cannot tell you how happy I was to have made the detour. It was just the perfect place to recharge and soak in the beautiful art. The pieces were incredible, and the space that the museums has is wonderful. My words are not justice enough – so I’m posting these pictures to entice you to visit (if you haven’t already). I’m already planning another trip in the new year!



The grounds are incredible – vast and filled with amazing art work. It’s a wonderful way to explore art outside. There is a sustainable irrigation system (pictured above) that is a fascinating way of managing water and weather – definitely worth walking through and reading about. Below is a Jaume Plensa work that is absolutely stunning…. this was the first place that I had seen Jaume Plensa. I’ll never forget the moment I rounded the bend in the museum park and saw this work – it is so beautiful… words and pictures do not do it justice.


The indoor collections are varied… I adore the sculptures (this gold one below is a fast favorite).







You can find the NCMA on their website and on Instagram (they are very responsive, and just lovely!)

Thank you so much for visiting – tell me in the comments if there is a museum that speaks to your heart that I should visit! ❤




Artist Spotlight: BongJung Kim

I read, in the Guggenheim Museum, that Peggy Guggenheim bought a painting a day before starting her own museum in  New York. While I can’t quite do the same, I did promise myself to take more time to explore the artists around me and to bring artist spotlights to my blog. It’s my way of showing my appreciation to the artists around us for shedding light on their perspective of our world.

I had the honor of attending the opening for BongJung Kim’s Temptation earlier this month, and was reminded how perspective changes everything. Artist Kim’s gallery opening demonstrates his unique perspective on the electronic age. So, it is with great pleasure that my first artist spotlight is on Artist Kim’s collection. I’ve taken a few pictures to give you a taste of the collection, but I urge you to visit the collection yourself. It is currently on display in the Paris Koh Fine Arts (location) from April 4 until April 22 (flyer below).




Thank you for visiting! Let me know in the comments if you had the opportunity to view this artist’s collection and what you think!