Five Things: Effortless Ways To Look Polished During the Holidays

I met a friend for lunch the other day, and she commented that I always seemed to look put together, even during the holidays. What a lovely compliment!! But, the truth of the matter is that I stick the basics that I know work for me. I’m just like everyone else – and I have those days where I’m wearing wrinkled clothing and my jacket is misshapen with everything I’ve stuffed in my pockets. Over the years, I’ve discovered that these 5 things during the hectic winter months are the best way to feel and look a little more polished.


Number One:: A sophisticated scarf. I tend to gravitate towards the large cashmere scarves that are a single color. I like the oversized nature of the one I’m wearing here. It wraps beautifully around my neck, and I can just as easily wear it as a shawl. Similar here, and really loving the colors here.

Number Two:: Statement earrings. A little sparkle during the holidays is key to looking a little more polished. I stay away from anything that is too heavy since I’m often running around for the entire day, and choose pieces that can transition between day and evening well. I often keep a spare pair in my bag, in case I need a little sparkle on the go. I bought these from J-Crew several seasons ago, but there are plenty of amazing options at every price point. (Like these or these).


Number Three:: Tote Bag. For occasions, I tend to opt for the tiniest of bite sized bags, but for every day during the holidays I grab a trusty tote or carryall bag in a polished or interesting leather. This one was a chance buy from Cole Haan (the men’s department!), and I adore the character of the leather. I can toss everything in here without a thought and maintain a put together look without stuffing things into pockets and looking scrubby. I adore this and this from the Cole Haan women’s collection this year.

Number Four:: Ear Muffs. Ear muffs serve a dual purpose for me. First – they keep my ears warm and my hair style intact. Second – they look absolutely adorable hanging around the handles of my tote. These are the exact pair I have.

Number Five:: Glass Water Bottle. It’s an unusual pick, but I feel my best when I’m well hydrated and I feel more put together when I have water in my bag. This is my favorite water bottle for on the go. You can find the entire range of sizes at the LifeFactory website (and on Amazon)



Thank you for visiting! Tell me in the comments what your tricks are to staying put together during the holiday season!



Gingham Again: The SF to Monterey Edit

Even though I haven’t had this skirt very long – I’ve already worn it to bits (evidence here and here). I wore it again for a day in San Francisco with my trusty Jack Rogers loafers (the most versatile and comfortable loafers I own) and to keep the wind at bay with a white denim jacket over my black sweater set.

Version 2Gingham SkirtZara
Sweater Set: J Crew
Denim Jacket: Lucky Brand (similar here)
Belt: Banana Republic (similar here and here)
Loafers: Jack Rogers (seriously, the best, so much so that I’ve been snapping up any and all colors I see)
Bag: Francesco Biasa (bought probably 10 years ago, and it doesn’t look like they’ve updated recently, but you can find some of their line here)
Sunnies: Lacoste (this season’s here)




I couldn’t help wearing the whole thing again in Monterey with a windproof jacket. I walked comfortably over 3 miles in those Jack Rogers loafers, and up a bunch of rocks – so you know you can trust me when I say that those loafers are truly the best.


Windproof Jacket: Athleta Overcast Jacket (also like this guy)


Thank you for visiting! Have a wonderful day!