Why I Chose My New Years Resolution


At the start of each year, like many others, I make a New Years Resolution. And, like many others, I have often failed to maintain the New Years Resolutions that I have made… and not intentionally, but simply because we are all creatures of habit and it is often very difficult to break ourselves of the habits we have.

A few years ago, I decided that I would only make resolutions that I could be truly uphold…. and since my list of resolutions has turned into very simple goals that I have for myself. Often times, my resolution is singular and something that I keep in mind as I continue throughout my year.


This year, my resolution was singular. My resolution, “Say less.” It sounds so simple, and I wanted my resolution to be one that I could repeat quickly to myself to remind myself of throughout the year. Despite the simplicity, it has multiple implications and reasons for being my resolution this year.

I made it after seeing, hearing, and participating in this flurry of commenting that we have become so accustomed to today. In my experience, it is so easy to just speak without thinking and to continue to speak even when it is not my turn anymore. Last year, I found myself speaking when it was my turn to listen…. and I found myself saying things I inevitably regretted because I did not think them through.

So, after some introspection, my resolution was to simply “Say Less.” Because by saying less, I have more time for thoughtful comments and conversations. By saying less, I have more time to listen and hear what is happening around me.

We are one month into 2018, and I have to say I think I have chosen a worthy resolution. It is simple, and it is challenging too. I went to dinner this weekend with friends, and where I would normally jump into the spirited discussions about politics with my friends…. this time I listened. And, I was surprised and happy to find myself learning so much about my friends.


January 2018 has been a wonderful month for me, and I hope that January has been equally if not more lovely for you.

Tell me in the comments what you think of my resolution! And, tell me yours!

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Scenes from Skyline and Blue Ridge Parkway


In the summer, I drove from Virginia to Atlanta via the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway. It was amazing.








Tell me in the comments – have you driven the Blue Ridge Parkway or Skyline? What were your favorite stops?

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Flamingos and Clovers – Pattern Play

I hesitated to post this outfit because I wasn’t able to find dupes for elements on this outfit. And, I think that’s kind of annoying when I see something beautiful on someone’s blog and I can’t buy it. But, the driving force behind sharing parts of my life with you isn’t to tell you to go out and buy things… instead it’s to just share with you the things that make me happy. The things here on Heidi Happily are about the things that I like and the things that bring a smile to my face. I hope that I can bring a little something pretty to your screen every so often, I hope I can bring a smile to your face, and I hope that I can inspire you to fall in love with everything around you.

So, despite the pressures to be “flawless” in social media and to have the latest and greatest – I pledge that this is a space where I focus on inspiration… and things won’t be flawless. So, when I share older clothing or unflattering photos or something isn’t perfect – I hope it inspires you to embrace life because it isn’t perfect, but it is pretty awesome.

Now, onto the outfit. I know you can’t purchase many of these elements anymore, but I hope this mix of older elements inspires you to pull things from your own closet and play with mixing new and old elements into something amazing and uniquely you.

SONY DSCSONY DSCTop: JCrew (last year’s collection, but this T is cute!)
Skirt: French Connection (old, but like this)
Petticoat: All Saints (check etsy for cute ones!)
Shoes: Coach (probably 10 years old, but very similar color here and like the bright colors here)
Belt: JCrew (old, but really crushing on this one)



(Caption this photo contest in the comments! I say my dog is thinking “what the beep is mom doing in the woods… in heels…. in that outfit…..“)


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Three Days: Monterey to Big Sur

I arrived in Monterey late on Thursday, and departed Saturday afternoon. I spent plenty of time wandering and enjoying the beautiful scenery. These are my favorite kinds of trips – the kind where you wander and explore organically, without having any plans or deadlines. It’s incredibly refreshing and fun.

Day One:

  1. Arrive in Monterey, check into the Intercontinental Hotel.
  2. Walk from Cannery Row to Lovers Point along the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail… enjoy watching the seals and pups!
  3. Dinner at The Beach House at Lover’s Point. Definitely recommend – excellent service and good food with a fantastic view.




Day Two:

  1. Drive to Carmel-by-the-Sea
  2. Wander the galleries, and explore the beaches near Carmel-by-the-Sea




Day Three:

  1. Drive to Big Sur (at least up to where Route 1 is closed due to road closure)
  2. Stop everywhere along Route 1 to take in the view! Pro-tip: Pack a lunch and plenty of water so you can focus on the view and enjoying yourself!



Thank you so much for visiting! Tell me – what your favorite picture from my short little trip is!


Floral by the Sea

I wore this skirt on a day excursion to Carmel by the Sea. I love the bright colors paired with a sweater set – it makes for a perfect outfit to spend strolling through galleries and a quick run into the freezing surf. Tell me, have you been to Carmel by the Sea??

Floral Skirt: Kate Spade (old, but this one is fantastic)
((((( edit: Just a few more options that I think are pretty fab and have a similar feel as this skirt: hereherehere, here, here, and here )))))
Sweater Set: J Crew
Loafers: Jack Rogers
Scarf: Saks Fifth Avenue (similar here)
Bag: Francesco Biasa
Sunnies: Lacoste (this season’s here)





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To Walk on Clouds

Coyote Hills Regional Park (location)

When I went to this park for the first time a couple years ago, I couldn’t help up stick my head out the window as I drove in, smiling my face off. That smile turned into gleeful skipping as I explored the park, stood on top of the hills and stared down the Bay into San Francisco, and finally slid my reluctant and tired legs into my car that night to go home.  I’ve been back many more times, and each time I feel as if I’m walking on the clouds. Rain or shine, this park is one of my absolute favorites in the Bay Area.

Tell me – what are your favorite parks to visit? Tell me where I should visit next!











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Stripe on Stripe: Denim

I tend to travel with only a carryon suitcase, so it’s always a challenge to make sure that I have enough wardrobe variety. Comfort and style are paramount for me – so it only makes sense to pack the shoes I love the most at the moment (and a matching bag). I also pack things that don’t wrinkle much – which is where this little jacket comes into play. It’s from ages ago, but it barely wrinkles and I’ve fallen back in love with it on this trip. It’s a little unexpected when paired with the striped denim dress, but I like the harmonious color palette.

I spent a few hours in San Francisco (devouring Beard Papa’s) before heading to Half Moon Bay for a quiet afternoon. It was a perfect day, and this outfit made it that much sweeter. Tell me in the comments what your perfect kind of day looks like!

Dress: Polo Ralph Lauren (similar here and like this)
Swing Jacket:  Live a Little (similar here and here)
Loafers: Jack Rogers Quinn Loafers
Bag: Francesco Biasa
Scarf: Saks Fifth Avenue (similar here)







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