Five Things: Effortless Ways To Look Polished During the Holidays

I met a friend for lunch the other day, and she commented that I always seemed to look put together, even during the holidays. What a lovely compliment!! But, the truth of the matter is that I stick the basics that I know work for me. I’m just like everyone else – and I have those days where I’m wearing wrinkled clothing and my jacket is misshapen with everything I’ve stuffed in my pockets. Over the years, I’ve discovered that these 5 things during the hectic winter months are the best way to feel and look a little more polished.


Number One:: A sophisticated scarf. I tend to gravitate towards the large cashmere scarves that are a single color. I like the oversized nature of the one I’m wearing here. It wraps beautifully around my neck, and I can just as easily wear it as a shawl. Similar here, and really loving the colors here.

Number Two:: Statement earrings. A little sparkle during the holidays is key to looking a little more polished. I stay away from anything that is too heavy since I’m often running around for the entire day, and choose pieces that can transition between day and evening well. I often keep a spare pair in my bag, in case I need a little sparkle on the go. I bought these from J-Crew several seasons ago, but there are plenty of amazing options at every price point. (Like these or these).


Number Three:: Tote Bag. For occasions, I tend to opt for the tiniest of bite sized bags, but for every day during the holidays I grab a trusty tote or carryall bag in a polished or interesting leather. This one was a chance buy from Cole Haan (the men’s department!), and I adore the character of the leather. I can toss everything in here without a thought and maintain a put together look without stuffing things into pockets and looking scrubby. I adore this and this from the Cole Haan women’s collection this year.

Number Four:: Ear Muffs. Ear muffs serve a dual purpose for me. First – they keep my ears warm and my hair style intact. Second – they look absolutely adorable hanging around the handles of my tote. These are the exact pair I have.

Number Five:: Glass Water Bottle. It’s an unusual pick, but I feel my best when I’m well hydrated and I feel more put together when I have water in my bag. This is my favorite water bottle for on the go. You can find the entire range of sizes at the LifeFactory website (and on Amazon)



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Stripe on Stripe: Denim

I tend to travel with only a carryon suitcase, so it’s always a challenge to make sure that I have enough wardrobe variety. Comfort and style are paramount for me – so it only makes sense to pack the shoes I love the most at the moment (and a matching bag). I also pack things that don’t wrinkle much – which is where this little jacket comes into play. It’s from ages ago, but it barely wrinkles and I’ve fallen back in love with it on this trip. It’s a little unexpected when paired with the striped denim dress, but I like the harmonious color palette.

I spent a few hours in San Francisco (devouring Beard Papa’s) before heading to Half Moon Bay for a quiet afternoon. It was a perfect day, and this outfit made it that much sweeter. Tell me in the comments what your perfect kind of day looks like!

Dress: Polo Ralph Lauren (similar here and like this)
Swing Jacket:  Live a Little (similar here and here)
Loafers: Jack Rogers Quinn Loafers
Bag: Francesco Biasa
Scarf: Saks Fifth Avenue (similar here)







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Pattern Play + Vermillion

Playing with stripes and gingham! I adore how the stripes and gingham play off each other – and how the vermillion shoes and belt contrast with the white and navy. What is your favorite way to play with patterns?

SONY DSCGingham SkirtZara (last seen here, also like this guy)
Stripe Sweater: Banana Republic (similar here and here)
Belt: Found in a shop while traveling (similar here and here)
Flats: Polo Ralph Lauren (similar, and love these )
Sunnies: Lacoste (this season’s here)


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Tent in the Woods

I found this dress a few years ago – and it has been on repeat for me during the warmer months. The tented shape makes for a breezy and comfortable outfit during the hotter months…. I couldn’t wait to wear it so I’ve paired it with boots, and a slip underneath to keep me warm. What do you have in your closet that you can’t wait to wear in the warmer months?

SONY DSCDress: Roberto Collina (website; similar silhouette and with on trend sleeves here)
Sunnies: Tom Ford (Current season here)
Boots: Ralph Lauren Collection (last seen here and similar here)






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Orange Flame

Orange you glad there aren’t any more “in front of my garage” pictures? Hehe hopefully the pictures will all be more interesting going forward! 🙂

SONY DSCFur Scarf: Trilogy (love this from the brand, similar bright color here and here)
Driving Gloves: Adrienne Vittadini (similar here)
Wool Zip Vest: Eileen Fisher (similar here)
Cashmere Dress: Polo Ralph Lauren (similar here)
Tights: Spanx
Flats: Brooks Brothers (more affordable option here)
Sunnies: Lacoste (this season’s here)
Umbrella: Totes (and it’s super packable!)