Flamingos and Clovers – Pattern Play

I hesitated to post this outfit because I wasn’t able to find dupes for elements on this outfit. And, I think that’s kind of annoying when I see something beautiful on someone’s blog and I can’t buy it. But, the driving force behind sharing parts of my life with you isn’t to tell you to go out and buy things… instead it’s to just share with you the things that make me happy. The things here on Heidi Happily are about the things that I like and the things that bring a smile to my face. I hope that I can bring a little something pretty to your screen every so often, I hope I can bring a smile to your face, and I hope that I can inspire you to fall in love with everything around you.

So, despite the pressures to be “flawless” in social media and to have the latest and greatest – I pledge that this is a space where I focus on inspiration… and things won’t be flawless. So, when I share older clothing or unflattering photos or something isn’t perfect – I hope it inspires you to embrace life because it isn’t perfect, but it is pretty awesome.

Now, onto the outfit. I know you can’t purchase many of these elements anymore, but I hope this mix of older elements inspires you to pull things from your own closet and play with mixing new and old elements into something amazing and uniquely you.

SONY DSCSONY DSCTop: JCrew (last year’s collection, but this T is cute!)
Skirt: French Connection (old, but like this)
Petticoat: All Saints (check etsy for cute ones!)
Shoes: Coach (probably 10 years old, but very similar color here and like the bright colors here)
Belt: JCrew (old, but really crushing on this one)



(Caption this photo contest in the comments! I say my dog is thinking “what the beep is mom doing in the woods… in heels…. in that outfit…..“)


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Floral by the Sea

I wore this skirt on a day excursion to Carmel by the Sea. I love the bright colors paired with a sweater set – it makes for a perfect outfit to spend strolling through galleries and a quick run into the freezing surf. Tell me, have you been to Carmel by the Sea??

Floral Skirt: Kate Spade (old, but this one is fantastic)
((((( edit: Just a few more options that I think are pretty fab and have a similar feel as this skirt: hereherehere, here, here, and here )))))
Sweater Set: J Crew
Loafers: Jack Rogers
Scarf: Saks Fifth Avenue (similar here)
Bag: Francesco Biasa
Sunnies: Lacoste (this season’s here)





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Gingham Again: The SF to Monterey Edit

Even though I haven’t had this skirt very long – I’ve already worn it to bits (evidence here and here). I wore it again for a day in San Francisco with my trusty Jack Rogers loafers (the most versatile and comfortable loafers I own) and to keep the wind at bay with a white denim jacket over my black sweater set.

Version 2Gingham SkirtZara
Sweater Set: J Crew
Denim Jacket: Lucky Brand (similar here)
Belt: Banana Republic (similar here and here)
Loafers: Jack Rogers (seriously, the best, so much so that I’ve been snapping up any and all colors I see)
Bag: Francesco Biasa (bought probably 10 years ago, and it doesn’t look like they’ve updated recently, but you can find some of their line here)
Sunnies: Lacoste (this season’s here)




I couldn’t help wearing the whole thing again in Monterey with a windproof jacket. I walked comfortably over 3 miles in those Jack Rogers loafers, and up a bunch of rocks – so you know you can trust me when I say that those loafers are truly the best.


Windproof Jacket: Athleta Overcast Jacket (also like this guy)


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Pattern Play + Vermillion

Playing with stripes and gingham! I adore how the stripes and gingham play off each other – and how the vermillion shoes and belt contrast with the white and navy. What is your favorite way to play with patterns?

SONY DSCGingham SkirtZara (last seen here, also like this guy)
Stripe Sweater: Banana Republic (similar here and here)
Belt: Found in a shop while traveling (similar here and here)
Flats: Polo Ralph Lauren (similar, and love these )
Sunnies: Lacoste (this season’s here)


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Tent in the Woods

I found this dress a few years ago – and it has been on repeat for me during the warmer months. The tented shape makes for a breezy and comfortable outfit during the hotter months…. I couldn’t wait to wear it so I’ve paired it with boots, and a slip underneath to keep me warm. What do you have in your closet that you can’t wait to wear in the warmer months?

SONY DSCDress: Roberto Collina (website; similar silhouette and with on trend sleeves here)
Sunnies: Tom Ford (Current season here)
Boots: Ralph Lauren Collection (last seen here and similar here)






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Rain: Think Pink

Is there something in your wardrobe that you just knew you had to have it?? This jacket is one of those things for me. I saw it and that was it. I picked it out of my local Lord and Taylor when I was in high school, and I’ve cherished it ever since. It’s the perfect shape, and the perfect color to brighten up any rainy day! It helps to have a fluffy scarf and pink bag to round everything out!


SONY DSCPink Scarf: Lafayette 148 (similar here)
Floral Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger (not much similar, but like this and this)
Black Sheath: DKNY (very similar here)
Black Pumps: Brooks Brothers (also like these)
Sunnies: Lacoste (this season’s here)
UmbrellaTotes (and it’s super packable!)


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